Clone Website

How works? provides you with the best service of copying and developing a web-page or an entire website, by using and improving the key features of original site and adding unique new ones. With our service you can implement a perfect website clone at your domain in a minute. All you need to do is to provide us with the link of the site you wish to clone and make your payment. It is a fun and easy way to develop a website. Website clones are identical twins of the original sites, keeping their best features- design, functionality and images. Impressed? Now, let’s get to the benefits of such a venture.

clone website

Why choose to clone a website?

✓ To clone a website is the perfect way to back it up. While the auto saved version of the site might be several days old, having a good website clone will safeguard you from loosing plenty of time and work.
✓ To browse copied Web pages offline, with no Internet connection.
✓ To make a mirror version of your site. If you maintain a heavy load of website visitors, you will need a mirror copy to forward the visitors to at the times, when the basic servers deny a fast download.
✓ To quickly and easily scale up a leading, money-generating business. Suppose you own a leading, visitors-generating website template, that comprises of many plugins. Once developed and customized, a template, popular with visitors, is of real value. Therefore, use clone websites to effectively generate money by selling these web-templates to developers in different countries, to customize your site and built locally. Or scale your business up by employing your template on different domains.

Why is a HUGE time saver?

The centerpiece of profitable business is a well-developed interaction point, which converts visitors to events. An effective landing page usually employs an easy method to gather contact information. One good way to do so is to offer your visitor something in return. The more successful you are in such an exchange, the greater is your conversion rate.

That’s why we can state with confidence, that to clone a website means to multiply its conversion rate. If you clone a profitable and effective website, high chances are, that the same conversion rate will apply to your business, provided you find a way to promote it locally, or find some unique features you can use to apply to a specific group of customers. Therefore, web site cloning service is a real low cost method of website development. It is much faster and more efficient road to take, compared to designing website from scratch. Since scripts are copied from commercially successful websites, that have already proven their popularity with users, the replicated website will most likely inherit the key advantages.

If you think that your business needs an increase in conversion rate, or feel like your site needs further expansion, set us to work! Do not trouble yourself with computer coding – site cloning service is a huge time saver!